Green Guide for Health Care

The Center has been engaged in greening the healthcare sector since Gail Vittori wrote the influential paper Green and Healthy Buildings for the Health Care Industry.  The paper was presented at the 2001 Setting Healthcare’s Environmental Agenda conference in San Francisco—the health care industry’s first environmentally focused conference to specifically address green buildings, among other topics.  The paper also laid the groundwork from which the Green Guide for Health Care and other ecologically oriented health care specific initiatives have been derived.

In 2002, the Center convened the Green Guide for Health Care, the health care sector’s first quantifiable sustainable design toolkit integrating enhanced environmental and health principles and practices into the planning, design, construction and operations of health care facilities.  The Green Guide is now a project of the Center and Health Care Without Harm, supported by a Senior Director, three co-coordinators, and a diverse group of design, construction and policy professionals with expertise in the health care sector who serve on Green Guide volunteer committees and working groups.  

With Green Guide v2.2 Design/Construction and Operations versions in widespread use and a reference document for LEED for Healthcare, the Green Guide will be developing the v3 tool focused on strategies to realize a restorative, regenerative and resilient health care industry by 2050. To date, the Green Guide has more than 225 registered projects, representing more than 41 million square feet of health care facility design and construction, and more than 33,000 website registrants, more than 25 percent of whom are from outside the U.S.  

The Center’s engagement also includes consultancies on landmark green healthcare facilities, such as the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas—the first LEED Platinum certified hospital in the world—workshops and conference presentations.

CMPBS; Health Care Without Harm

Jenifer Altman Foundation; The Kendeda Fund; The Kresge Foundation; Merck Family Fund; Mitchell Kapor Foundation; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Kumkum Dilwali; Adele Houghton; Robin Guenther; Tom Lent; Walt Vernon; Gail Vittori; steering committee members