Plenitude EcoCity

Plen-i-tude n., an abundance, is a proactive compact urbanism response to a global pattern of environmental and social travesty.  A human/nature-driven ecology of commerce emerges, using the reparative powers of a solar community to bio-remediate the toxicity and social inequity tolls of surface mining, while financially rewarding those who preserve ancient desert settlements.  The approach introduces established game changing technologies and societal constructs of resource consciousness.

Technologically we incorporate: 1) high strength carbon balanced, non-fresh water-based brine derived concretes reinforced with abundant, regionally derived fibrous minerals; 2) on demand hydrogen energy system with no storage requirement; 3) an efficient, pedestrian-friendly Rail to Road transportation pod using both gravity and  hydrogen propulsion, and  4) efficient solar  heliostat and hybrid wind system for electrical energy export to create a fiscally responsible settlement.

Finally, a regional currency, Sustain-A-Bills(TM), integrates a monetary system as a fundamental underpinning of a life cycle-based green economy.

Pliny Fisk; Adam Pyrek; Lovleen Gill Aulakh, Sophia Razzaque, Sam Vonderau, Evan Brooks, Blake Smith, Shruti Gupta, Cassidy Ellis, Robert Murray