UT-Austin Solar Decathlon

The Center teamed with the University of Texas School of Architecture to participate in the first U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored Solar Decathlon. The event features 10 contests that measure the energy, water, transportation, environmental quality, market appeal, and livability performance of each team's entry. Designed by the student-faculty team to function entirely off-grid for energy and water, the competition spans 10-days following a 6 day period to construct the buildings on the Washington, DC mall. The entry is now located on the Center's grounds in Austin, and is open to the public as part of our monthly First Friday Open House.

University of Texas School of Architecture

Warren Skaaren Charitable Trust; University of Texas School of Architecture; U.S. Department of Energy; Transcon (SIP panels); Unitrust (structural steel); Airstream; All Seasons Commercial (windows), BioRadiant Energy Inc. (ice battery), BP Solar, and other corporate donors

Pliny Fisk III, MIchael Garrison (faculty leads); Jerry Garcia (structural engineering); Luke Brown, Eli Mosley, Randall Notgrass, Chris Rowe, Melanie Schopper (construction crew); UT School of Architecture Students