Hill Country Youth Ranch

A home for abused, neglected, abandoned and troubled children located in Ingram, Texas, the Hill Country Youth Ranch engaged the Center to provide ecological land planning services along with design and engineering of one of the first residential lodges for the Ranch’s children.  The 6,500 square foot passive solar building took advantage of a sloped site for earth berming to stabilize indoor temperatures throughout the year, and featured a building integrated south-facing cistern to cool incoming southeasterly breezes and a heating system comprised of a double-wall and double-floor mass exposure.  Abundant on-site caliche resources serve as the building’s primary interior and exterior wall material.  The light colored unfired caliche block were manufactured in a nearby mohair warehouse, and offered an opportunity for the Ranch’s children to be active participants in the construction of their home.

Gary Priour, Hill Country Youth Ranch

The Meadows Foundation

Daria Bolton Fisk; Pliny Fisk III; Lansing Pugh