Ecology Action Circle Acres Master Plan

Circle Acres is a stewardship, education, and outreach effort by Ecology Action of Texas. The roughly 9.7 acre site served as a former sand and gravel quarry and later a City of Austin landfill.  It is now classified as a Federal brownfield site.  CMPBS delivered an EcoBalance Master Plan to assist in Ecology Action's mission to reclaim this site and create a healthier environment through resource recovery operations, Brownfield remediation, and zero-waste initiatives.

The site program is built around Ecology Action's Zero Waste Academy, and includes over five acres of stewarded urban forest, wetlands, and grasslands.  Ecology Action also plans to develop additional site structures to offer expanded educational and outreach resources.

The Circle Acres EcoBalance Master Plan will serve as a guide for Ecology Action’s future fundraising, outreach, and site improvement efforts. The EcoBalance protocol identifies source opportunities and use requirements at a variety of scales and establishes functional relationships and narratives to effect a dynamic source-use balance for four criteria--Materials, Food, Water, and Energy.

Ecology Action of Texas

Pliny Fisk III, Brendan Wittstruck, Diz Jeppe, Lovleen Gill-Aulakh, Cody Snellenberger, Jordan Frazin