Advanced Green Builder Demonstration Building

The Advanced Green Builder Demonstration Home Project introduces communities to a range of “green” housing materials and methods, emphasizing opportunities for recycled-content and by-product based construction materials. The project was supported by several state, regional, and municipal agencies and reflects a regional process as open to adaptation to a region’s natural resources as it is to its peoples.
The design is specifically intended to bridge issues of social and family concerns such as affordability, expandability, and economic development. This is a result of a modular-based design framework, coupled with reliance on environmentally-conscious regional manufacture of by-product based materials.
City of Austin; The Educational Foundation of America; the Meadows Foundation; Lower Colorado River Authority; Texas Governor’s Energy Office; Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission On-Site Wastewater Treatment Council; The Vervane Foundation; The Warren Skaaren Foundation and 31 corporate matches in products and materials
Design Team:
Pliny Fisk III [Design], Benjamin Obregon [Architect of Record], Michael Gatto [Fly ash concrete engineer], Susan Parton [On-site wastewater treatment system], Gail Vittori [Project administration], Lucia Athens and Chad McKinney, Sally Struble [landscape]
Construction Team:
Jesus Bendezu, Simon Couchman, Dickson Fogelman, David Hsu, Tara Keairnes, Paul Kouri, Jeff Kruse, Peter Lohmann,Greg Jackson,Anthony McKenzie, Randall Notgrass, Brian O’Brien, Cordula Oel, Kevin John Richardson, Peter Struble, Clarke Snell, Jim Walker