Ecology Action Circle Acres Master Plan

Circle Acres is a stewardship, education, and outreach effort by Ecology Action of Texas. The roughly 9.7 acre site served as a former sand and gravel quarry and later a City of Austin landfill.  It is now classified as a Federal brownfield site.  CMPBS delivered an EcoBalance Master Plan to assist in Ecology Action's mission to reclaim this site and create a healthier environment through resource recovery operations, Brownfield remediation, and zero-waste initiatives.

Laredo Demonstration Farm

The Laredo Demonstration “Blueprint” Farm was conceived as an integrated regional response to building, infrastructure, materials, and agriculture and as a foundation for local economic development.  Coordinated with the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Texas-Israel Exchange under the leadership of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, the Farm challenged agricultural convention in Texas, where, as in many U.S.

Advanced Green Builder Demonstration Building

The Advanced Green Builder Demonstration Home Project introduces communities to a range of “green” housing materials and methods, emphasizing opportunities for recycled-content and by-product based construction materials. The project was supported by several state, regional, and municipal agencies and reflects a regional process as open to adaptation to a region’s natural resources as it is to its peoples.

Plenitude EcoCity

Plen-i-tude n., an abundance, is a proactive compact urbanism response to a global pattern of environmental and social travesty.  A human/nature-driven ecology of commerce emerges, using the reparative powers of a solar community to bio-remediate the toxicity and social inequity tolls of surface mining, while financially rewarding those who preserve ancient desert settlements.  The approach introduces established game changing technologies and societal constructs of resource consciousness.


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