[singlepic=68,320,240,,] Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio will air on Austin's PBS station, KLRU-TV on Monday, August 23, 2010 at 9PM. The film documents the life... Read More
[singlepic=85,320,240,,] Photo by Blake Gordon CMPBS is honored that our Advanced Green Builder Demonstration (AGBD) was ranked number 5 on "The G-List" a ranking of Top Green Buildings Since 1980... Read More
[singlepic=84,320,240,,] CMPBS Associate Principal Dylan Siegler contributed to the article "Pioneering the Platinum Path for Healthcare" in the July 2010 issue of Facility Care Magazine. Other... Read More
[singlepic=83,320,240,,] CMPBS Co-Director Gail Vittori contributed commentary about the potential cost savings of sustainable design of health care  facilities in Tracy Granzyk Wetzel's article "... Read More
[singlepic=82,640,480,,] The Austin-based lifestyle and culture magazine, Tribeza, features CMPBS as part of their first-ever Green Issue, realeased July 2010. The article includes information about... Read More
[singlepic=81,320,240,,] CMPBS co-director Gail Vittori was quoted in July's issue of Health Facilities Management. She contributed commentary about sustainable hospital operations to the article "... Read More
[singlepic=80,320,240,,] CMPBS co-director Piny Fisk was awarded the 2010 Communication Achievement Award from the Austin Toastmasters. The award recognized Pliny's "Outstanding Contributions to... Read More
CMPBS co-director Gail Vittori served as 2009 chair of the US Green Building Council's Board of Directors. She introduces her fellow board members and USGBC staff and discusses her experience as... Read More
CMPBS co-director presented at the 2008 Healthcare Design Conference in November 2008. Gail discussed Updates to LEED for Healthcare.
[singlepic=79,320,240,,] CMPBS Co-Director will participate in a panel discussion about Green Healthcare at the chapter meeting of the USGBC Middle Tennessee Chapter. Other panelists include Kim... Read More