[singlepic=104,320,240,,] CMPBS Co-Director Gail Vittori contributed the article "Greening of healthcare: Location and design of facilities are essential to the mission of health" to Modern... Read More
[singlepic=103,320,240,,] CMPBS is proud to announce its participation in Generous Art. "Generous Art envisions art purchases as community-oriented transactions — rejecting the idea that art... Read More
Thank you to all of you who joined us for Bill Roley's lecture, "Regenerative Design Strategies for Urban Living" on Friday, May 27. We hope you enjoyed learning about Permaculture and the work of... Read More
The new W Austin Hotel and Residences was honored by Envision Central Texas as one of seven recipients of the Community Stewardship Award. CMPBS serves as the LEED and Sustainability consultant for... Read More
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A very warm thank you to Sim Van der Ryn, President of EcoDesign Collaborative, for his kind words about CMPBS and our commemorative book: "CMPBS: 35 Years  of Serious Commotion" "This book and the... Read More
Join us for our monthly open house this Friday, April 1 at 6:30 PM. Both of our Co-Directors, Pliny Fisk and Gail Vittori will lead guests on a tour and discuss current CMPBS projects. If you can't... Read More
CMPBS Co-Director Gail Vittori will participate in a panel discussion for the 2011 Go Green Conference here in Austin, Texas on April 6, 2011. See "Conference - Go Green Austin Conference - Austin,... Read More