Co-Director Pliny Fisk is "Lightyears Ahead" Writes EnLIGHTenment Magazine

Co-Director Pliny Fisk is featured in an article titled "Lightyears Ahead" in EnLIGHTenment magazine. Article author and lighting designer of LightLink lighting, Michael Brannon interviews Pliny on his design philosophy, focusing on Pliny's approach to lighting in building design.

In the interview, Pliny discusses how light is an essential component of The Center's ecoBalance design philosophy, stating "Light - particularly sunlight and its availability related to slope orientation, tree cover, etc. - is one of the first things that is taken into account. Once these conditions are mapped, we develop a balancing procedure for all life support including air, water, food, energy, and materials. Lighting procedures are established from aspects of shade for indirect lighting taskss, or climatic purposes, and for jobs requiring direct sunlight from passive solar architecture to food requirements. We call this process 'eco-balance.'"

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