'Thank You' to the University of Missouri Student Volunteers

Last week, six University of Missouri Public Policy graduate students embarked on an alternative spring break trip to volunteer with us, here, at The Center. They worked on various projects on The Center's Campus, following the Site Master Plan created by The Center's staff, interns, volunteers, and collaborators. One project was laying the grounds for the 'Food Forest', a self sustaining ecosystem that follows the principles of permaculture design and produces food. They planted vegetation and laid down mushroom tiles - layered parts which work together as a system whole. In another project, the students constructed the trellis on the GreenForms building. They planted edible vines, which will eventually grow to cover the trellis and serve as a 'passive cooling system' for the building underneath. We were impressed by the students' successful and enthusiastic completion of their projects.

As the week came to a close, we were able to enjoy a long and delicious lunch with the students, conversing about the projects they completed the previous week. We truly enjoyed their company and are thankful for all of their hard work. Their go-getter attitudes permeated the week and we know these attitudes will take them far in life! Parker, one of the Mizzou student volunteers said. 

"Finally, I cannot thank you all enough for such an amazing week. I, as well as the entire group, had a complete blast serving at CMPBS. Not only did we get to know each other very well, but we were able to "unpack" what our service meant to us in addition to how our service in sustainability expands to a community focus."

We are thankful for the many ways these students contributed to The Center!

Photo at Left: Pliny (Co-Director), Aaron (Site Steward) and Mizzou student volunteers at the 'Food Forest'.