Pliny Fisk III to Speak as Keynote at Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference

The Center Co-Director to Present ‘Lenses for a Maximum Potential Future’ at Conference on Resilience, Future-Proofing, and the Human Connection

AUSTIN, Texas (October 28, 2014) – Pliny Fisk, Co-Director at Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (The Center), will Keynote the Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at Blackwood Educational Land Institute in Hempstead, TX. Fisk’s presentation, “Towards a Maximum Potential Future,” will focus on the Lenses for a Maximum Potential Future, The Center’s twelve planning and design protocols. Fisk will focus on using four lenses, Area Point Network, EcoBalance, Meta Max, and Mini Max, at a local, state, national, and global scale.

Bioneers, launched in 1990, engages people from diverse backgrounds and fields working together to solve urgent global problems within a framework of interdependence. The Gulf Coast Bioneers Conference, “Resilience, Future Proofing, and the Human Connection,” is a one-day forum, hosted by the Gulf Coast Bioneers chapter, to explore the practical and innovative environmental and social strategies and solutions that support building resilience from the ground up.

Fisk’s multifaceted background, including training in architecture, landscape architecture, ecological land planning, and systems sciences, along with his seminal life-cycle design methodology, aligns with the Bioneers’ “solve-the-whole-problem” holistic, systemic, and multidisciplinary approach. Fisk notes: “I look forward to sharing the 12 Lenses for a Maximum Potential Future, which are highly interdisciplinary and can be applied in diverse circumstances from rural and urban planning to establishing national protocols, with the Bioneers community, which is also highly interdisciplinary and whose members seek out solutions that synergistically address environmental and human concerns.”

Fisk co-founded The Center in 1975 as an education, research, and demonstration non-profit specializing in appropriate technologies and life cycle planning and design. The Center’s mission is to create healthy and sustainable communities by designing and testing innovative programs that integrate air, water, food, energy, and material systems.

Learn more about Pliny Fisk and his work on The Center’s website ( and in his biography, Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future by Sam Martin, recently published by Ecotone Publishing, a division of the International Living Future Institute (    

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