Pliny Fisk III to Present at TEDxSanAntonio


The Center Co-Director to Discuss Imperative of Industry-Environment Connection at Annual TEDxSanAntonio Conference

AUSTIN, Texas (September 22, 2014) – Pliny Fisk, Co-Director at Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (The Center), will speak at TEDxSanAntonio on October 18. Fisk’s presentation, titled “Meta Max: A Lens for a Maximum Potential Future,” will focus on his fundamental belief that interrelationships between industry and environment can and must be part of our future at every scale of development. Three of Fisk’s past projects will be used to illustrate this belief: a small campus in the Mexican Baja, a village in the bread basket of China and a proactive method for combating hurricanes in Galveston, Texas. 

TEDxSanAntonio is an independently organized TEDx event, which receives guidance from the nonprofit TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference that started in 1984 years with a simple mission to spread ideas. Fisk will join 22 other speakers and be among 21 total presentations at this year’s TEDxSanAntonio event.

As a self-described “consummate tinkerer, doer and pusher of the unthinkable,” Fisk looks forward to joining fellow innovators at the conference. He describes his presentation: “I have developed what I call 12 Lenses for a Maximum Potential Future as thinking, doing, and application procedures under diverse circumstances from rural and urban planning to establishing national protocols. Our methods are highly interdisciplinary, utilizing  physics chemistry, biology, mathematics  health systems science, visualization, architecture and planning. My presentation at TEDxSanAntonio will cover one of these lenses, referred to as Meta Max, which is my attempt to identify and work creatively on large issues that effect all life on our planet, coal, cement, water and food.”

Fisk co-founded The Center in 1975 as an education, research, and demonstration non-profit specializing in life cycle planning and design. The Center’s mission is to create healthy and sustainable communities by designing and testing innovative programs that integrate air, water, food, energy, and material systems.

The TEDx conference series aligns with The Center’s values and mission by offering “a forum where big ideas can meet communities of curious souls.” As a demonstration organization, The Center hosts an array of cutting-edge green building, water, and energy systems that are accessible to the public for inspiration and experiential learning through a free monthly Open House, public presentations by sustainability thought-leaders, and other events. Both TEDx and The Center seek to stimulate dialog and action around innovative, forward-thinking ideas.

Learn more about Pliny Fisk and his work on The Center’s website ( and in his biography, Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future by Sam Martin, recently published by Ecotone Publishing, a division of the International Living Future Institute (    

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