Donate to The Center's Mid-Year 2014 Fundraising Campaign

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Since 1975 we’ve been creating ways for people to engage in hands-on experiences with next-generation energy, water, and building systems and materials. If you’ve been to our site, you’ve experienced this firsthand: drinking rainwater while wandering through the Advanced Green Builder Demonstration, the 2002 University of Texas at Austin Solar Decathlon, and other cutting-edge onsite demonstrations. With your generous support, we continue to create inspiring green places of learning and exploration that contribute towards creating a healthy and sustainable environment for all.

Your gift The Center today helps us fund these important projects:

• Restoring the award-winning 2007 Texas A&M Solar Decathlon building, a functioning prototype of life cycle design that will feature building-integrated photovoltaics, solar thermal water and space heating, a food-producing greenhouse module, and a bat-tower living machine and biological wastewater treatment.

• Our Free monthly, educational Open Houses, welcoming visitors to tour our innovative and inspiring demonstration green building, water, and energy systems and materials.

• Our unique Intern and Volunteer Program, providing unmatched hands-on learning opportunities in appropriate technologies and ecobalance planning and design. We have engaged over 100 interns from the U.S. and around the world, and continue to build upon this legacy.

Please give now to support these programs! We'll see you at an Open House in the not-too-distant future to welcome you inside the A&M Solar D, show you the ingenuities of its design, and applaud the communities of interns and volunteers who designed, built, and renovated it. We’ll keep you posted on all the great work your gift is accomplishing, recognize your gift on our website, and offer you special access to events if you donate at the Green Circle level.

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