"Pliny Fisk's Political Ecology" in Journal of Architectural Education

Co-Director Pliny Fisk is featured in an article titled "Rethinking the Legacy of the Sixties: Pliny Fisk's Political Ecology" in the Journal of Architectural Education, 68:1. Article author and Texas A&M Department of Architecture Assistant Professor Sarah Deyong explains that in 1998 Yale University alumni organized a symposium titled "Rethinking Designs of the 60s" to discuss the legacy of architecture's engagement with social issues. Deyong's essay reopens the question of this legacy by focusing on Fisk's work as an activist and eco-pioneer. 

Deyong writes that Fisk's "early projects combined emerging theories from its diverse curriculum—advocacy planning, appropriate technologies, and systems thinking—in ways that were not merely pragmatic. His projects from the 1970s and 1980s were also strategies for leveraging social and environmental change that foregrounded the politically radical stakes of this endeavor."

To read the full article (found on page 28), you can purchase it here.