Home for Life: Energy Part 1 (Passive and Active Systems)

The 2007 A&M Solar Decathlon energy system provides a platform designed for change and designed "for Life." The building includes plug and play options, advanced technologies, and compatible product types to create an energy system that can grow and adapt.

The building employs both passive and active systems. Passive systems include operable clerestory windows for interior ventilation and daylighting, while the large, thermally sophisticated north glazing wall provides a spectrally cool northern light source without glare. Active systems include a solar thermal system featuring a heat-optimized, solar heat source separate from the actual building  the Solar Thermal Fence, a photo voltaic system that uses three types of Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) system modules, High Efficiency, Light Reflecting, and Light Thru, to provide 8.1 kW of renewable solar energy, and LED lighting.

These energy strategies create an industrial ecosystem, in which systems work together to conserve energy and make the building a "Home for Life."