Home for Life: Shelter

As a "Home for Life," the 2007 Texas A&M Solar Decathlon is designed as a fleixble building system that can be adapted as its inhabitants' needs evolve. The building design employs a "groSystem of Componenets," developed by the 2007 Texas A&M Solar D team, which includes the groCommunity, groHome, groCore, groSpaces, groWalls, and groComponents, of which the most basic groComponent is the groJoint. Each of these groSystem Componenets accounts for building system flexibility at a particular level. At the micro level: the groComponents, premanufactured building system pieces that allow a "Do-It-Yourself" manner of construction in which the user can change the building by plugging components into and unplugging components from the existing structure. At the macro level: the groCommunity, the concept of a community based on incremental expansion where the groBuilding System can be applied on a larger scale that allows the ideas of growth and adaptabilty to continue beyond the individual and address the needs of the community.

Read more about all of the groSystem of Componenets in the 2007 A&M Solar D "Shelter" poster here pictured.

For more information and background on the 2007 A&M Solar D, read about its move to The Center site here and the Home for Life series introduction here.