Trim Tab Features Story on Pliny Fisk’s Work in Nicaragua


Although these days Co-Director Pliny Fisk most often works at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems site in East Austin, in the Spring of 1983 he could be found trekking through Nicaragua’s war-torn landscape. Listed as one of Trim Tab’s “Transformational People,” Fisk is described in their latest volume as a “gringo with Albert Einstein hair and a mad scientist’s bushy mustache.” Read more on how Co-Director Fisk embarked on a mission to create a prototype village system for the newly formed revolutionary Sandinista government in 1983, and faced various dangers and trials along the way.  

Trim Tab is the International Living Future Institute’s quarterly e-magazine. For more exciting details on Co-Director Fisk’s Nicaraguan adventures, read the full article here. To read more on Co-Director Fisk’s other adventures, you can purchase his biography here.