Ecotone Publishing Releases Biography of Co-Director Pliny Fisk III

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems is pleased to announce the publication of Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future. Please see below for Ecotone Publishing's press release on the biography. Thank you to all of those who contributed to making this book a reality!

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Ecotone Publishing Releases First in GREEN MASTERS Series of Biographies Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future leads readers on a journey with the green building pioneer, forward-thinking designer and environmentalist, through his early years as an appropriate technology activist to a critically-acclaimed educator and designer of internationally-recognized buildings. Seattle, Wa. — Oct. 8, 2013 — Ecotone Publishing today announced the release of Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future. The Pliny Fisk III biography details Fisk’s decades-long dedication to ecological thinking and design, and captures his unrelenting passion to ‘learn from place,’ whether it be working with people along the Texas-Mexico border or Nicaragua’s Miskito Coast, or as applied to seminal policy-making that has influenced the architectural profession. Author Sam Martin unearths fascinating details from Fisk’s colorful life and storied career. Throughout the 320-page book, Martin shares Fisk’s innermost reflections as well as thoughts and tales from his professional colleagues and personal companions through the years. Part mad scientist, part visionary, and always a “roll up his sleeves and get things done” man of the people, Fisk has become an icon of the green building movement. From prototype to podium, Fisk and his Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems have revolutionized the way we design for an ecologically restorative built environment. “Talking to Pliny Fisk III is both inspiring and confounding. In any given sitting, Fisk might discuss bio-regional mapping, fly ash concrete, cybernetics and E.F. Schumacher all in the same dizzying context,” Martin says. “It’s difficult to grasp, but that’s because he isn’t following a conventional approach. For him, the planet’s prosperity is inextricably linked to its architecture. To make that connection a reality, Fisk has long felt the need to thwart the status quo, then let everyone else know how to do it themselves.” This black and white book, with Foreword by Metropolis Magazine’s Susan Szenazy and Epilogue by Dylan Siegler, includes photographs throughout Fisk’s career and his methodological Lenses for a Maximum Potential Future graphics. This book is the first in a planned series of Ecotone publications about GREEN MASTERS who have espoused and promoted the cutting edge of sustainable design. Pliny Fisk III: Creating a Maximum Potential Future retails for $29.95 and can be purchased via Ecotone, Amazon, and other online and traditional retailers. Look for the hashtag #plinyfiskbio on Twitter for real-time information on the book and news about Fisk. “The green building movement owes Pliny (Fisk III) an enormous amount of gratitude because we stand on the shoulders of his leadership, passion and limitless brilliance,” notes Jason F. McLennan, CEO of the International Living Future Institute.