Conference - Foro Argos 360º en Concreto - August 9-10, Bogota, Colombia


CMPBS Co-Director Pliny Fisk will participate in the 2012 Foro Argos 360º en Concreto conference in Bogota, Colombia. Pliny will will deliver a lecture, titled "Innovation and the cycle of life as pillars of sustainability in the construction industry," as well as participate in a roundtable on "development of sustainable alternatives in materials for the construction industry."

The "360º in Concrete" Conference is convened by Argos, a market leader in cement and concrete production, to discuss the durability of concrete within the wider framework of sustainability. The conference recognizes that construction methods are in constant evolution. Currently, responsibility to the environment demands developments in technology that allow for increased concrete sustainability.

The conference convenes on August 9-10 in Bogota, Colombia. More information can be found at