CMPBS 2012 ecoBalance Series: Monday, June 4th 7:30-9pm


CMPBS is proud to announce the second event in the 2012 ecoBalance™ Presentation Series focusing on the ecoBalance life support systems of Air, Water, Food, Energy and Materials. We want you to be the first to know about this next event on Monday, June 4th from 7:30-9pm at CMPBS! 

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We look forward to providing a provocative context to explore these essential ecoBalance "cycles of life." Leslie Sauer, a founder emeritus of Andropogon Associates, will be presenting a compelling perspective on ecoBalance, drawing from her more than three decades of visionary accomplishments focused on regenerative, restorative and resilient landscape design. 

Ms. Sauer is a pioneer in the field of restoring and managing native landscapes. She has directed the reestablishment of natural systems in a wide range of sensitive, degraded, and developed environments. Ms. Sauer’s projects serve as models for integrating environmental systems with community-based planning and design solutions that meet long-term community goals and significantly reduce project costs. 


 “The goal is to achieve the maximum level of restoration possible given the site’s conditions, client needs, and available resources. Often this approach can result in a dramatic increase in value to the client, as well as to the larger community.”

Ms. Sauer has been a key player on such landscape-scale watershed projects as the Flood Protection Plan for a 14-mile stretch of the Passaic River in New Jersey, the Conservation Plan for the Manumuskin Watershed in New Jersey and the Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for the Rockaway River Watershed. Her park projects range from urban greens, including both the Woodlands of Central Park and Prospect Park in New York City, and Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to National Historic Monuments like the Petersburg National Battlefield in Virginia. For the National Parks Services, she developed an Earthworks Landscape Management Manual for the Civil War Battlefields.

Ms. Sauer is a strong advocate for the use of native plants and has developed a number of innovative strategies for establishing native habitats. She was an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Landscape Architecture and served on the Board of Directors of the Society for Ecological Restoration. Her book, The Once and Future Forest (Island Press, 1998, American Society of Landscape Architects, 2000 Merit Award in Communications), is a guidebook for restoring and managing natural landscapes-especially remnant deciduous forests. 

After years of exposure to changing runoff patterns, she now is a victim of Acquired Stormwater Disorder and spends too much of her time working with uncooperative agencies and recalcitrant engineers trying to improve watershed management. She incorporates some level of stormwater retrofit into all her work, past and present. Her presentation will cover a wide array of projects demonstrating solutions modeled on natural systems.