CMPBS 2012 ecoBalance Series: FOOD


CMPBS is proud to announce the launch of our 2012 ecoBalance™ Presentation Series focusing on the ecoBalance life support systems of Air, Water, Food, Energy and Materials.  As with our prior presentation series, we look forward to providing a provocative context to explore these essential ecoBalance “cycles of life.”  The kick off panel is focused on the ecoBalance life support system of Food.

When:  Friday, March 2, 2012
6:30 - 9:00 PM
7 - 8:30 PM: Panel Discussion
8:30 - 9:00: Q&A

Where: CMPBS
8604 FM 969 • Austin, TX 78724

Drinks and light refreshments will be provided.
This is an outdoor event.
CMPBS is a smoke free environment.

$15 Suggested Donation

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About ecoBalance™:
ecoBalance™ is a planning and design methodology that assesses the balance of life support systems (air, water, food, energy, materials) across life cycle phases (source/process/use/re-source) at multiple scales, using a powerful measure—balance—understandable by all.  Shifting from a linear, life cycle assessment and conservation-focused metric (use less) to one underscored by the ecodynamics of place where balance becomes the new baseline, ecoBalance acknowledges diversity in context and celebrates balance as a common cross-disciplinary language and metric.


Skip Connett and Erin Flynn: Skip and Erin own and operate Green Gate Farms, an independent organic farm located in East Austin. Skip’s boyhood was spent on a magnificent farm in Pennsylvania that got its start in the 1700s. His career has spanned journalism, public health and farming. Most recently, he was a member of the TOFGA Advisory Board and TDA Organic Industry Advisory Board. Though Erin’s family has farmed and ranched in Texas for six generations, she is the first to create a certified organic farm. In addition to farming, she is a writer/ publicist. Flynn is active with Slow Food Austin’s Board of Directors and was recently appointed to Austin’s Sustainable Food Policy Board.
Paige Hill: Paige, founder of Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms, has combined her background in community advocacy and urban design with her lifelong experience in environmental stewardship to create a stable, community-based food system that's renewable and fits in every nook and cranny that an urban environment provides - at the same time making food production "doable" for all of us.
Bob Gedert: Bob, Director of Austin Solid Waste Services, has been involved in recycling and waste reduction programs since 1975. As the former Chief of Recycling for the State of Indiana, Bob wrote many state statutes supporting recycling efforts. With City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities, he increased the recycling diversion rate from 29% to 75%. Currently Bob is the Director of Austin Resource Recovery for the City of Austin where he is working in the implementation of the Austin Zero Waste Plan.
Murph Willcott: Murph is Co-owner of Texas French Bread. After graduating from UT, Murph worked a variety of restaurant, catering and bakery jobs in New York City before attending Harvard Law School. Murph left his law career after 8 years to run the family business, Texas French Bread.  As co-owners of TFB, Murph and his brother Ben promote the techniques of traditional French country and Mediterranean cooking, and Alice Waters’ dictate to seek out the local, the fresh, the simple, the nutritious, and the beautiful, and to serve these in season at their peak.

Generous Art will have a sale of local art to benefit CMPBS during the event. For each piece sold, Generous Art donates 40% to the buyer's choice nonprofit and 40% goes to the artist, seamlessly supporting community.