Even more praise for CMPBS Book!

A very warm thank you to Sim Van der Ryn, President of EcoDesign Collaborative, for his kind words about CMPBS and our commemorative book: "CMPBS: 35 Years  of Serious Commotion"

"This book and the people who created it -Pliny Fisk and Gail Vittori, and thirty five years of work by them and their team, is simply a Work of Nature arriving just in time to provide the planet with the handbook it needs to survive and thrive. Bucky Fuller wrote the first Operating Manual for Planet Earth. CMPBS exceeds our prescient optimist heros' wildest dreams. Go Planet!"

- Sim Van der Ryn, President, EcoDesign Collaborative

Copies of the book are still available! Visit our book page to purchase your copy today or join us for our Discussion Panel and Book Signing on April 14, 2011!