Pliny Fisk - January and February Speaking Engagments

CMPBS Co-Director Pliny Fisk will be delivering a number of lectures, talks and participating in conferences across the country in January and February, 2011:

January 27 - 30: Echoing Green Social Entrepreneurs Conference -Echoing Green offers funding for "promising social entrepreneurs to help them launch ground-breaking social change organizations worldwide." Pliny will participate in a "Brain Trust Session" as part of their 4 day conference that will be held in Austin, Texas. These 90 minute sessions involve a small-group discussion about specific pre-defined problems facing each fellow. For more information about Echoing Green please visit their website.

February 3, 7 PM: Taliesin West -  Pliny will deliver a lecture on "35 Years of Serious Commotion at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems" at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ on Thursday, February 3. Taliesin West is a historical landmark property owned by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and was previously the architect's vacation home. For more information about the Foundation and Taliesin West please visit their website.

February 4: ECOSA Institute - As part of CMPBS's long term collaboration with the ECOSA Institute in Prescott, AZ, Pliny will give a full day workshop on "Humans as Participants in the Ecology of Planetary Well-being" for the students of the institute. For more information on the ECOSA Institute please visit their website.

February 16: The Catholic University of America - Pliny will deliver a public lecture on "World Change: Then, Now, and Next" at The Catholic University of America. For more information please visit the University's website.

February 28: Norwich University -  Pliny will deliver a talk entitled "World Change: Then, Now and Next" students and the public at Norwich University on Monday, February 28, 2011. Please visit the University's website for more information: