CMPBS 35th Anniversary - Post Commotion!

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our 35 Years of Serious Commotion anniversary! It was a great success! Over 200 guests joined us to celebrate with an evening of food, drinks, and music. CMPBS extends our warmest gratitude to our speakers, Dawn Danby, Lucia Athens and David Lake. We also enjoyed rocking out to the music of Soul Hat!

We also would like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors:

Food: Austin Energy, Stratus Properties Inc.

Water: Andropogon Associates Ltd., Carrasquillo Associates Ltd., DPR Construction, Pliny Fisk III and Gail Vittori, Hill Country Conservancy, Ray Reece, Jon and Kathy Zarsky

EcoBalance: Forbo Flooring Systems, US  Green Building Council

Air: Big Beard Films, Catellus Development Group, Central Family Practice, Marcie Cohen, Ekokrete, Gateway Planning Group, John Hart, Healthy Building Inspections, Healthy Building Network, House + Earth, Houston Advanced Research Center, InterfaceFLOR, Journeyman Construction, Cynthia F. Leigh and Ishmael H. Soto, LZT Architects, Inc., Meridian Solar Inc., John and Cynthia Motloch, Edie Muehlberger, Jim Nations, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Texas A&M University School of Architecture, Texas Green Realty, Timber Treatment Technologies, Vittori Consulting LLC

Generous in-kind support from: Austin Outhouse, Prestige Wine Cellars, Harrison Saunders, H-E-B, Thirsty Planet, Timber Treatment Technologies LLC, Whole Foods Market Austin

For anyone who couldn't make it please check back for information about the Holiday Party on December 3, 2010 and other CMPBS events.