CMPBS in the News: CNN International features Pliny as a "Green Pioneer"

Co-Director Pliny Fisk was featured along with three others in a recent CNN International special: Going Green - Eco Pioneers. Interviewer Ed Lavandera visited CMPBS' site and spoke with Pliny about his work with alternative cements. The show aired during the first week of October. Pliny's segment is also available online at the CNN website.

Others featured in the special were as follows:Rajendra Singh, who is using rainwater harvesting to improve water access in Rajasthan - one of India's driest states. Learn more here.

Geoff Lawton, an Australian using permaculture to improve soils in arid lands for food production. Learn more here.

Douglas and Kris Tompkins, founders of North Face and Esprit clothing companies. They are the largest private landowners in Chile, and purchase land in Argentina and Chile in order to restore ecosystems and conserve the land as national parks. Learn more here.