BioMosaics: Semi-Finalist in 2007 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

In October 2007, CMPBS partnered with Rich MacMath at HDR Architecture, and John Motloch at Ball State University on a competition entry for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. The entry, called BioMosaics, is an interactive planning tool that allows participants to "plan land land uses with the goal of balancing natural resourcs supply and sink functions (i.e. capital throughput) with basic human life support needs."

BioMosaics was one of 17 semi-finalists (out of 160 total entries) in the Challenge. Competition entries can now be viewed online via the Buckminster Fuller Idea Index. The BioMosaics entry can be found here.  CMPBS congratulates Dr. John Todd on his winning entry: Comprehensive Design for a Carbon Neutral World: The Challenge of Appalachia.