CMPBS and TAMU at 2007 Solar Decathlon

October 2nd-20th, 2007

CMPBS partnered with Texas A & M for the 2007 Solar Decathlon. TAMU used the GroHome building system as the basis for their entry, and CMPBS staff and employees played key roles during the planning, design, fabrication, and construction of the house. At the beginning of October, CMPBS employees accompanied TAMU students to Washington DC to construct the TAMU entry on the Washington Mall. From October 12th - 19th the Solar Decathlon houses were judged on design and performance, and were toured by thousands of visitors. The TAMU entry ranked 17th in the competition,and won the AIAS Student Choice Award, the 2007 EPA Lifecycle Building Challenge, and an award for outstanding efforts from the Energy Systems Laboratory. Additional information and photos of the TAMU Solar-Decathlon house can be found on the team website.